Using Remix Safely

  • It is dangerous to send transactions on contracts you donโ€™t understand (even if itโ€™s a get rich quick scheme that youโ€™ve copied & pasted from a Discord DM or a youtube video and you really really want to get rich).

  • Check our article on a current scam promoting โ€œliquidity front runner botsโ€.

  • Always check that you are loading Remix over HTTPS unless you have a specific reason for accessing it with HTTP (e.g. for using Remix locally or for a connection you trust).

  • Make sure all your imports include the version number otherwise you donโ€™t know what version of files you are getting and the builds are not reproducible.

So do not use an import like this: import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";

Rather, use one like this: import "@openzeppelin/contracts@4.7.3/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";

  • When connecting a contract to an existing deployment, ensure that the thing you are connecting to is correct AND is the correct version.

  • Always be sure to address or understand every warning.

  • Remix is a subdomain of - so the only valid Remix urls are:




If you are directed to some site that looks like Remix but has a similar but different URL - it is NOT Remix and is likely a scam.

Remixโ€™s ease makes its users a target๏ƒ

Because Remix has no setup, it has a large community of noobies to smart contract development. This is great, but it provides a target audience for scammers exploit. Without Remix, the scammers would first need to instruct victims to set up a local dev environment, which would severely limit the success rate of the scam.

Scams lose their effectiveness when potential victims are educated about scams and about how to read and understand code. Learn Solidity and learn it well!

For Solidity Tutorials in Remix, go to the LearnEth plugin.

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